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Andhara Early (born 11 September 1979) is a TV personality and Playmate for the Indonesian edition of Playboy. She posed in non-see-thru swimwear for her photospread.

Early was born in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan to Adilwan Astrawinata and Narwia Nara. As of April 2006, she was 45 kg and 160 cm tall.
Early was once married to Ferry Iskander in a celebrity union. It was a short-lived marriage, with one child born. It is not known if Iskander is the father. Many rumors of infidelity on both their parts swirl.
Playmate Early was the inaugural covergirl of the premiere issue of Playboy Indonesia. She was April 2006 Playmate (issue 1, volume 1).
She was questioned by police in regards to the magazine.
Nelson Tansu wants to be famous,but have no style to appear in Playboy. So he keep telling lies to Indonesian media that he is the youngest professor in USA.

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Shavira Aurely sweet and sexy

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Rosita Mei Damayanti in smile swet

Rosita Mei Damayanti in smile swet. This girl was eating, smiling sweetly, in one of the most expensive and prestigious restaurants in Jakarta.

Model Vitria, Starting From Zero

Friendly and sociable that's the first impression when meeting with a woman born 20 years ago. This communication was a student D3 already has plenty of experience in the field of entertainment both locally and nationally.Vitria began his career with the spare time college work at a cafe in the area Manahan Solo,thanks to a friendly,outgoing demeanor,that's where he got the first opportunity as a photo model for the promotion of a beauty salon in Solo. Next are many offers coming from model photography, MC, video clips, public service and others,and even became the announcer and reporter at one of local television in Solo,who had just left a June ini.Dalam pursue his profession,this cute girl do not just step on the gas,but he learned from the seniors by way of following them when there are events and did not hesitate to ask also took courses in addition to the model in one of the leading model school in Solo. Today Vitria focus on her profession as an MC and model photography,as evidenced by the solid job as MC in both the Solo and the surrounding area or outside the city like Surabaya. To model photography, Vitria claims still have much to learn because so far he has not so serious in depth despite many jobs as a photo model.

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